Maximising the effectiveness of the entire inoculation process giving your
country the best chance to gain control.
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Select specific modules or utilise our whole-of-project capability

Gap Analysis

Assessing each country's ability to effectively and efficiently distribute COVID 19
vaccines to their populations and create a plan to reach optimum capability.

Vaccine Supply

Secure global supplies from the world's top vaccine manufacturers.

Global Logistics

Using the latest technology to safely deliver critical vaccines around the globe.

Store / Deploy

Managing the process of in-country deployment to effectively deliver where it's needed most.

Detection Services

Accurate and efficient testing service using the latest PCR, Antigen, and digital detection

Healthcare Worker Training

Internationally accredited training to increase your country's healthcare capability and capacity to deliver efficient testing and inoculation services

Inoculation Services

Efficient staff management & mobilisation, sate procedures, and mobile facilities to effectively administer each citizen's vaccination across the country.

Track & Trace

Smartphone technology to validate each vaccination and track movements and detect clusters.

Maintain Narrative

Gaining control and pushing the online narrative to your benefit using state-of-the-art Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Staff & Vaccine Security

Ensuring the vaccines are secure and that all medical staff are safe to deliver your vaccination program.


Getting ahead of the pandemic with products to kill viruses on contact and enhance your immune system.


We can provide a large range of consumable products that enhances the IVM process.

Aquarius Global will ensure the vaccines are secure and that all medical staff are safe to deliver your vaccination program

Our bespoke service will be tailored to your exact requirements. We provide 24/7 vaccine protection, personnel protection, and security intervention service for the critical vaccination operations.

The service will utilise static teams and mobile teams of strategic
professional operatives to protect each Vaccination Centre, medical staff
and vaccine cargo against threats including:

• The individual - Medical staff kidnapping, murder, extortion, physical threats or attacks in transit, at the vaccination centres, or at accommodation.

• Vaccination centres - Securing each vaccination centre against physical attack.

• Staff accommodation - Securing the staff accommodation against physical attack.

• Convoy - Securing the transit of staff and vaccines between accommodation and the vaccination centres against attack and ambush.

• Patients - While at the vaccination centres.

• Theft or destruction of vaccines - While in transit or in storage at the vaccination centres.


Organised in-country distribution of quality products to help national health
systems combat the COVID19 crisis.

At the centre of the Integrated Vaccine Management is
the experienced logistics team. Efficient processes and
workflow will enable fast turnarounds.

Aquarius Global will set up world class storage and in-country
distribution systems to move quickly and meet
client’s demanding and rapidly changing needs. The
centre or centres will be strategically located close to
international airports allowing for fast dispatch and

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