Power your entire operation with green electricity. All Day. Every Day. Off Grid.

Unlike conventional diesel generators, the Cranium Power Module gives you clean green electricity day and night without a single drop of expensive diesel. Imagine the savings.

A modern sustainable solution to meet your ongoing power demands.

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Models & Specifications

Deisel Generator Comparison

Use Cases

Find the right solution with our complete range of
High Output Solar Generators

Light Duty

45kWh Battery
Single Phase

Medium Duty

90kWh Battery
Single Phase 120/240V
Triple Phase 415V (option)

Heavy Duty

135kWh Battery
Single Phase 120/240V
Triple Phase 415V (option)

Ultra Duty Custom

Customised solutions up to 3.5MWh and beyond including:

  • Roof installations
  • Retrofitting existing buildings,
  • New builds
  • Solar farms

using Cranium’s structural solar panels to suit large power users.

Everyone’s power requirement is different.

Contact us with your maximum power requirement and daily hours of use to find out which unit best suits your operation. It doesn’t cost anything to find out.

Cranium Power Module opens up a world of clean energy possibilities.

No diesel, no emissions, no ongoing power costs.

High output wind generators for extra power support

Latest generation Ambient Light Solar Panels efficiently recharging batteries from sunrise to sunset

Completely water tight with Insulated floor, walls, and roof keeping batteries and electrical systems running at optimal temperature

Robust and load bearing construction and designed for quick set up and immediate insitu power

Simple plug and play solution

Unlike conventional solar management that only pulls 60-70% of solar energy, our Fusion Management System pulls in up to 99.3% of solar energy

The Fusion Battery Management System also regulates and maximises power output to work at a continuous 100% loading while enhancing system longevity

Expandable capacity using long life, industrial specification, high capacity LiFoPo4 lithium Ion batteries

Cranium’s 3 step system that out performs the competition and can scale to your power demands

Latest ‘Ambient Light’ Structural Solar Panels and High Efficiency Wind Turbines

  • Ambient light solar panels will pull power from sun rise to sun set
  • The thin film solar panels react well to hot climates
  • High voltage / Low amp for longer lasting operation
  • 25 years + of operation
  • Wind turbines add power 24/7 even in low wind conditions

Fusion Solar Management System.
Direct to battery technology.

  • Smart capacitors deliver 99.3% efficiency power transfer from the solar panels to the battery cutting out the inefficiencies of traditional inverters
  • Stores and disperses energy quickly
  • Acting as a buffer, fusion nurses the lithium batteries.
  • It regulates the peaks and troughs effectively doubling the lifespan of the lithium batteries
  • Manages start-up peaks that can kill many other off the shelf systems

High Efficiency Lithium Ion Energy Storage System (ESS)

  • Industrial specification 24v DC LiFePO4 battery packs designed for your business load requirements
  • Direct current is used to maximise efficiency where appropriate. Can be converted to alternating current if required.
  • Standard unit outputs Single phase power. Can be upgraded to three phase power if required. 

Diesel Generator vs Cranium Power Module
A side by side comparison

This side by side comparison shows how Cranium Clean Energy Power Module can save you up to 70% on your power costs.

Cranium Sustainable Power Module

Diesel Generator

Power Output

120kWh (Single Phase 220/240 VAC, can be upgraded to three-phase)

100kW (Single Phase 120/240 volts / three-phase 120/240 VAC)

Foot Print

6.0m L / 4.6m W / 3.3m H

3.6m L / 1.16m W / 2.69 H

Hours of Operation



Sunny Weather



Night Operation



Raining or Cloudy Weather






Fuel Efficiency

0 l/hr

15.9 l/hr (running at 50% power load)

CO2 Emissions


38.16kg/hr (2.4 kg/l burned) plus nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and sulfur

Long Term Cost Comparison:

Cost per hour



Cost per day (24 hr operation)



Cost over 6 months



Cost over 12 months



Cost over 24 months



Total cost over 24 months

$135,000.00 ( $185/day)

$467,852.00 ($620/day)

Ongoing Costs

FREE - no more energy costs!

$208,926.00/year + Regular Servicing

Note: Diesel costs are assumed at a conservative cost of US$1.50/l. We understand diesel costs could be much higher in some locations.
The Cranium CEPM maintains efficiency via our fusion battery management system. Any maintenance recommendations will be minor and parts can be swapped out easily. The Solar panels may require regular cleaning to remove dust.

What can the Cranium Power Module Power?

Basically, anything that requires electricity can be powered by the Cranium Power Module. It is the affordable and green alternative to deisel generators. With Single Phase, Triple Phase, 120, and 240 Volt options, the Cranium Power Module has the power and flexibility you need to get the job done.

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Models & Specifications

Deisel Generator Comparison

Use Cases


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